President’s Challenge 2016

It is that time again: Time to review your stash, put in a new rotary blade and change the needle on you sew-ing machine. It’s challenge time!
This year the challenge is entitled, “IT TAKES A GUILD TO MAKE A VILLAGE”.

Now is the time to put your imagination into overdrive. Village is the theme and this is one theme that can be interpreted in many ways. We want to see “thinking outside the box”. Here is just a short list of ideas that came to us.

Doll houses                                                      Village with a particular architectural style
Bird houses                                                     City village
Santa village                                                    Downtown of a village with store fronts
Halloween village                                           Farm village
Villages and homes you have lived in        County Fair village
Wonky homes                                                  Village on the moon
Village under the sea                                     Village in different seasons
Village in space                                               Mushroom village

You get the idea. There is no limit to the type of village you can conjure up and create.

Now for the rules:

  •  #1 RULE: HAVE FUN!!! Use you imagination.
  •  Finished Size: Your challenge can be any finished size you want . . . BUT . . . There is always a but . . . It can be no wider than 45” and no longer than 45” (180” in circumference). Your challenge does not have to be square. It can be any shape. a rectangle, a circle, an oval. It’s up to you what shape you make it.
  •  Methods of Construction: You are free to use whatever construction or quilting methods work best for your creation (i.e., machine piece, hand piece, paper piece, machine applique, hand applique, machine or hand quilted, etc.). We encourage you to challenge yourself and be creative.
  •  Fabric Requirement: You can use whatever fabrics you want in your challenge. There is also no limit to the total number of fabrics or kinds of fabrics used in your challenge.
  •  Embellishments: Embellishments are optional.
  •  Hanging Sleeve: The quilt back must have a hanging sleeve (4”). We may use pins to hang your quilt at the show, but we’d like the sleeve in case we decide to hang them on a rod.
  •  Label: Make sure you put a label on the back of your challenge. Give credit to the source that inspired you. Labels will be covered with a piece of paper before voting so it’s a secret as to who made it.
  • Due Date: Finished challenges are due at our April 2017 guild meeting for viewing by your quilt guild peers. All guild members attending the April 2017 meeting will have the opportunity to vote anonymous-ly for their favorite challenge quilt. Ribbons will be awarded to the top 3 favorites.
                                                              WHAT IS A PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE?

What is the President’s challenge?

The President’s Challenge is a challenge issued by our guild president to all members to make a quilt with certain defined parameters.

Why a President’s challenge?

We issue a challenge to inspire creativity in our members. So we learn to think and design. So we learn to take an idea and make something of it. So we learn to create and not just follow a pattern.

Where will we share these Challenge quilts?
As in years past, our Challenge quilts will be dispayed at the April meeting . They will be placed or pinned on the stage wall, viewed by all attending members who vote on their favorites. Since 2017 is also our guild’s quilt show in June, we will also hang all challenge quilts at the show for everyone to admire.

Who does the challenge?
All of the members are encouraged to make a Challenge quilt. All skill levels: beginners, experienced, professionals. Make it a group quilt, just try it, be creative. This is not a contest. The quilts are not judged: they are admired for their creativity.