What is the President’s challenge?

The President’s Challenge is a challenge issued by our guild president to all members to make a quilt with certain defined parameters.

Why a President’s challenge?

We issue a challenge to inspire creativity in our members. So we learn to think and design. So we learn to take an idea and make something of it. So we learn to create and not just follow a pattern.

Where will we share these Challenge quilts? May meeting . They will be placed or pinned on the stage wall, viewed by all attending members who vote on their favorites. 

Who does the challenge?
All of the members are encouraged to make a Challenge quilt. All skill levels: beginners, experienced, professionals. Make it a group quilt, just try it, be creative. This is not a contest. The quilts are not judged: they are admired for their creativity.

President’s Challenge 2018

Pick a song title with a color in it  Use that color as the inspiration for your quilt.

That color must be in the quilt!

No longer than 45” on the longest side

It can be round or any other shape, but not bigger than 45”

Due, finished, at the May meeting

“Finished” means bound and labeled