Katie McMullen and Nancy Eisenhauer
will be co-chairing

2019 Quilts From The Heart

June 8 and 9, 2019​

​$7 Admission

Whiteside School
111 Warrior Way, Belleville, IL

Challenges for this  show:
#1 Get involved!
#2 Enter at least one quilt!
You can help my dropping off bookmarks to promote the quilt show.  Click below to display a vatiety of  printable pages .  Take some along the next time you visit a fabric store,  quilt shop, library or where ever you think is willing to display them.

Printable forms:



Quilt Show Flyer​​
Quilt Registration Instructions
Labels for Show Entries
Quilt Show Registration Form 
Pre Appraisal Contemporary Quilt 
Quilt Show Bookmarks
Quilt Show Information Form 
PreAppraisal Vintage Antique Quilt 
Quilt Show Post Cards​​
Quilt Show Terminology
4  inch  hanging  sleeve instructions